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Our IRT Platform

Today’s IRT systems are increasingly complex. Flexible and configurable IRT matters! With IRT data as the source of record for recruitment, clinical trial drop-out rates, patient visits, and other crucial data.

Cenduit’s IRT Platform is user-friendly, mobile-ready, and comprehensive. 


Quantum Interactive™

Quantum Interactive™ allows for faster and higher quality IRT delivery. You can save time, gain efficiency and improve quality with Quantum's iterative design process.  

Quantum Interactive™ delivers customized IRT in minutes, reduces time to Go Live, allows for agility and configurability & increases quality to maximize your resources.

Our support system - global in scope, local in delivery.
With offices in the US, UK, Switzerland, India, China and Japan, Cenduit has global clinical trial experience in more than 100 countries, interacting with nearly 1,000,000 patients at more than 32,000 investigator sites.

Clinical trials re-defined.

Cenduit’s leading, global Interactive Response Technology, eClinical solutions and service model builds the central conduit between sites, patients, and technology. Streamlining, accelerating, and delivering the next level of innovation for complex clinical trials. 


The Cenduit Difference: We're re-defining complex clinical trials & IRT solutions.


Innovative Solutions

Continuous innovation is at our core. Learn more about our differentiated approach to technology delivery and our digital innovators.


Proven Experience

Backed by brilliant, dedicated and passionate service delivery professionals - aligning seamlessly with your study's clinical management needs.


Advanced Technology

Mobile-ready, easily configured and integration ahead of the curve. Flexible, scalable and patient-ready. Built for accelerated delivery.


Global Footprint

Global reputation for enabling streamlined IRT and RTSM technology - regardless of complexity. Cenduit is global in scope; localized service delivery.

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