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We'll help you maximize your clinical trial solutions.

Clinical trials are evolving in a data-driven eClinical landscape. The Cenduit Professional Services team excels at focusing knowledge generating viable, digital solutions for challenging problems. We develop IRT-centric tools, facilitate complex integrations, and provide expertise on how to maximize clinical trial solutions. 


Our team has drug supply chain management specialists, biostatisticians, & IRT technology experts available on-demand.


We support many helpful solutions for you:

  • Multi-protocol studies or complex protocols that require focused support.
  • Complex integrations with third-party and legacy sponsor systems.
  • Protocol-specific consulting (e.g., setting up a system for patients to self-report adverse events).
  • Business analytics and reporting enabling effective decision support.

We go above and beyond for our clients by providing solutions that make the IRT process dramatically smoother and more efficient.


Our professional service experts can:

  • Help randomize a patient population of any size regardless of region, stratification factors, or any complexities.
  • Decrease study start-up time and associated costs.
  • Prevent overages that lead to waste and stockouts that create costly delays.

  • Improve patient compliance and retention.
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