Integration Re-Imagined

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Unparalleled insight.

Our expert clinical trial integration brings together the entire eClinical landscape with Cenduit Integral™ -  a cloud-based, flexible platform that integrates with third-party systems of all types: EDC, CTMS, eCOA, supply chain management, and more.


Streamlining the process to make it easier for you & your business.


Innovative Integration Technology.

Cenduit Integral’s (™) secure, proprietary cloud-based platform rapidly integrates data from a wide variety of disparate systems - with a set of standards that is both repeatable and configurable. Cenduit Integral™ can extract, transform, and load data from nearly any eClinical system; combining leading technology and technical expertise to simplify the entire user experience. From one-way communication between systems in a specific file format to bi-directional data exchange to converging systems with single sign on (SSO), we have years of experience integrating our IRT system with legacy systems.

eClinical Integration.

On the clinical side, whether distributing information to centralized data centers for precision forecasting and site payments or integrating with lab resources to receive clinical data that affects patient randomization, Cenduit’s technical expertise serves as the intersection to link systems and people, and to generate ROI. Backed by a team of developer integration specialists, we can deploy nearly any integration quickly; in-line with the study-specific requirements to enable significant efficiency gains during the course of the trial while reducing the risk of errors. We bring together the expertise of the clinical and supplies management teams, minimizing time spent by sponsors and study teams in managing the IRT.

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