Randomization & Trial Supply Management

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Vast range of RTSM solutions.

The Cenduit Randomization solution covers a broad range of randomization methods. Proactive monitoring can be performed through a variety of factors (by region, treatment center, and more) to meet your trial’s specific needs. We have a variety of methods to help you reach your goals.


Our team is your team.

Our in-house biostatisticians do more than deliver randomization methods - they provide knowledge management tools needed for complex and adaptive trials. The Cenduit Data Control Group (DCG) proactively monitors treatment group balance and treatment dispensing to ensure full compliance throughout the study. As an extended part of your team, our team can detect issues and recommend corrective measures. For complex, sophisticated randomization methodologies, the DCG generates simulated data sets that demonstrate the performance and validity of the schema before go-live. Cenduit’s biostats team is backed by our Data Quality staff - who manage creation, review, approval, loading, and verification of statistical material.


Comprehensive solution for trial supply management.


With Cenduit’s IRT (CIRT) system, trial supply management can become a strategic asset. CIRT ensures every patient gets study medications at every visit and reduces site or depot stock-out issues. CIRT balances demand while minimizing unnecessary shipments that lead to costly supply overages.

The full suite of integrated supplies management modules allows real time forecasting of supply needs based on actual enrollment data and future patient visits. CIRT provides full traceability from release to destruction and global data availability via real time reporting.

Cenduit’s system can integrate with other external systems such as simulation tools or supply management systems to prevent duplication of entries, increasing both compliance and efficiency.

Cenduit Integral's (™) powerful platform supports complex integrations with a wide array of drug supply, eClinical and other systems.


Guiding your supply chain model.

Cenduit can not only help monitor movement of study medications but guide you through regulations that could potentially stall the flow of your supply chain. Meet your deliverables on time and on budget with self-service tools, up-to-the-second traceability of manufacturing batches, with drug supply data that’s always visible.


We ensure proper protocols to protect your patients.


When medication is stored outside of the acceptable temperature range, site staff must have tools to identify the event, promptly report it to protect patient safety, and quickly obtain replacement supplies. Cenduit’s IRT has advanced features to fully support temperature excursion management.

Cenduit’s IRT platform has strong controls to ensure that no patient receives medications that will expire before use. Controls include intuitive forecasting capabilities that can anticipate how long it will take for study medication to move from manufacturing or central depot to the time it will be used by a patient. Forecasting and reporting systems provides alerts well before an expiry event is anticipated.

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