Drug Accountability & Returns Management

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We ensure seamless study & data integration.

Paper-based drug accountability logs of the past are time-consuming, costly and error-prone, increasing the risk of audit findings. From packaging to destruction, and viewable from any mobile device, our web-based drug accountability and returns management (DARM) capabilities add intelligent insights to your IRT system. Drug accountability is crucial for monitoring patient compliance and ensuring clinical trial data integrity.


Our solution provides global oversight of patient & drug location, with instantaneous access to data - enabling sites to control their drug across the entire supply chain.


Our DARM solution closes gaps from legacy paper trails, enabling a fully digitized, customized solution that provides a variety of invaluable services. 

  • Fully-integrates with IRT supply chain data.
  • Enhances and accelerates communication between site and sponsor.
  • Tracks every unit of study medication - from dispensing to patients to returns and destruction.
  • Real-time monitoring of patient drug compliance.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for tracking drug.
  • Audit ready - Eliminates inefficient paper trails.

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