Quantum Interactive™

In clinical studies, agility and reduced timelines are critical. Quantum Interactive is a configurable study design tool that cuts time to Go Live and improves quality. User specifications and an initial study build are ready in minutes.
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Reduced time to Go Live – Quantum Interactive offers a “quick cycle” iterative discovery for requirements, that allows you to go from award to Go Live in as little as 4 weeks!
Customized IRT in minutes – Time is of the essence and with Quantum Interactive you’ll create user requirements documentation in minutes, not weeks.
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Agility and configurability – Quantum Interactive’s user-friendly interface allows configurability regardless of study design and complexity.
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Increased quality – Leverage pre-built and tested modules to reduce timelines and deliver greater quality.
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Maximize your resources – Your team is busy enough and reducing your time commitment is key to the efficiency and success of your study–Quantum Interactive is the answer!

Faster IRT Delivery

From an intuitive interface to User Requirements Specification (URS) that’s ready to review in minutes, Quantum Interactive was purpose-built with study acceleration in mind. Simply using it to improve delivery of specifications, study teams no longer have to sign spec documentation weeks in advance.

Higher Quality IRT Delivery

Quantum Interactive uses pre-built and tested components to deliver a high-quality IRT platform. Coupled with a library of repeatable forms, templates and options that match your business processes, it delivers a better end product as well.

Save time, gain efficiency and improve quality with Quantum Interactive’s iterative design process.
Chart of Quantum Interactive's iterative design process.