Drug Accountability & Returns Management (DARM)

Drug Accountability and Returns Management (DARM)

Visibility is power. And Cenduit provides it with an end-to-end window into study medication activities throughout your clinical trial’s entire lifecycle. From packaging to destruction, see it all in real-time, and from any mobile device. Cenduit’s Web-based drug accountability capabilities add more insight to your IRT system, ensuring a seamless study all around. It’s real-time tracking for real accountability.

Close the paper gaps

Drug accountability is crucial for monitoring patient compliance and ensuring clinical trial data integrity. Paper-based drug accountability logs are time-consuming, costly and error prone, increasing the risk of audit findings.

PillsCenduit’s DARM solution closes gaps left by legacy paper trails, allowing you to:

  • Avoid drug stockouts and overages
  • Ensure that all entries adhere to the protocol
  • Create integrated audit trails
  • Monitor drug accountability logs remotely
  • Issue and resolve queries to rapidly clear up potential issues
  • Comply easily with FDA regulations
  • Customize the system to meet your unique trial needs 


Seamless tracking

Cenduit’s IRT (IVRS/IWRS) system is the ideal tool for real-time DARM as it already tracks supply chain data. The system knows each medication dispensing unit by warehouse, depot, and site location, as well as by batch, bulk lot, packaging step, label group, and patient allocation.

Drug Accountability Compliance and the FDA

Compliance is always a concern when it comes to Drug Accountability. In fact, according to FDA inspection reports, 15% of site visits in North America and Europe revealed inadequate drug accountability. 

Cenduit’s IRT DARM solution automates many of the drug accountability processes prone to inaccuracies, and ensures clinical trial data integrity. It gives you global oversight of patient and drug whereabouts, and offers instantaneous access to data. With Cenduit’s IRT DARM solution, you’re in control of your drug across the entire supply chain.