Need for Drug Accountability


(Research Triangle Park, NC; February 24, 2014) – Results from a private survey of clinical trial sites confirm their urgent need for online drug accountability — 96% of sites surveyed said online drug accountability would improve their overall efficiency if added to their existing Interactive Response Technology (IRT). 

Cenduit LLC, a provider of services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industries, conducted this Clinical Trial Site survey to gain insight into the functionalities that improve study efficiency and patient compliance. Cenduit’s Andrew Rohrbaugh, Senior Project Manager, will share details this Wednesday at the Clinical Trial Supply Europe Event in Rome, Italy.

Deeply committed to understanding what sites experience, want, and need during the clinical trial process, Cenduit also sponsored the large-scale 2013 survey conducted by The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) together with the CenterWatch’s Clinical Trial Technology survey. All three survey results show clear parallels from both patients and clinical trial sites regarding drug accountability and the need for improved patient communication, including:

  • Patients aren’t always returning medications and sometimes save it for future use, impacting the trial’s drug accountability process.
  • Sites find it useful to have real-time tracking of the investigational product. However, even if sites can do this, it is difficult for them to provide accurate data if the unused medication is never returned to the site. This illustrates the critical role of applications like Cenduit’s Patient Reminders.

Drug accountability is a fundamental process in clinical trials that sites are required to perform.  However 95% of clinical trial sites still struggle to complete paper-based accountability logs and are practically begging for a more centralized, electronic solution that plugs into the other eClinical systems they already use. As the largest global specialist in IRT with an electronic drug accountability module, Cenduit is leading the way by specializing in innovative solutions to the problems revealed in these three surveys.

John Cline, Vice President of Client Services, Cenduit, says, “We’re listening to the needs of patients and sites -- not just the sites we serve -- and are actively responding by polishing the initiatives we already have in place to increase drug accountability, patient communication, and site success. These survey results let us know we’re at the forefront of providing what sites desperately need. We know that happier sites get more engaged, compliant patients, and we will continue to expand our understanding so we can provide the best experience possible.”