Making Compliant Trials


(Durham, N.C.; August 29, 2012) – There is a growing trend in clinical trials for sponsor companies to automate the drug accountability and returns process using Interactive Response Technology (IRT).  As trials become more complex and the workload at investigator sites increases, sponsors are looking for more efficient ways to monitor patient drug compliance, centralize data collected at the sites and decrease the paper trail.

Cenduit has successfully helped sponsors achieve all of these things by including drug accountability and returns management as part of the clinical trial IRT system functionality.

"Drug accountability is not optional," according to Tony Frankland, Cenduit global head of sales and marketing. "It is crucial in demonstrating patient drug compliance. IRT is the ideal tool for this purpose as it already tracks each medication dispensing unit by warehouse, depot and site location as well as by batch, bulk lot, packaging step, label group and patient allocation."

The IRT system-based process is easier to use than manual, paper-based tracking, reduces the amount of time for site staff to conduct tasks and also provides better overall adherence to the simplified process. Additionally, Cenduit's drug accountability and returns management standardizes the data across all sites within each study and allows staff to monitor the degree of patient drug compliance.

Monitoring is controlled through the system, which displays information by patient, material type or individual kit and controls which materials can be earmarked to be returned and destroyed while also automating material collection by the courier.

As a result, the complete clinical supply chain data is centralized, enabling faster issue resolution and reduced delay in study closure. 

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