Client Centricity in the Changing eClinical World: A Different Approach to Service and Communication


How does an eClinical technology provider consistently achieve near 100% client satisfaction? Ultimately, it comes down to the level of service our people provide to each client, on each study, every day.

I’ve been in the biopharma industry for over 20 years, in multiple client-facing and project management roles. I’ve learned that technology has to be strong, but building a successful business is about the people behind the eClinical platform.

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I came to Cenduit to support the company’s mission to build and maintain what could be considered the strongest Project Management team within the industry, with world-class PMs and global/localized client service 24/7/365. We have high expectations of our people, technology and services. As part of a high-performance culture, we constantly raise the bar in the level of standards we’ve built. Ultimately, it comes down to our corporate value statement:  “Do the right thing, always.” That’s for sponsors, sites, integrations partners, and the patients we are serving – and it starts with asking the right questions.

Asking the Right Questions: Communication at the Forefront of Clinical Studies

Following the IRT USA 2018 conference, a key theme explored was improved communication throughout the study lifecycle. With the difficulty of study amendments and other unknown complexities, PM communication and a method for two-way feedback is rising to the forefront of this industry.  Read more.

In return for their investment and trust, clients expect the very best in our PMs and technology that underpins our delivery model. A two-way, centralized feedback mechanism is a crucial part of the study build. How do we accomplish this?

●       Regular series of qualitative feedback mechanisms at key intervals throughout the study – We design surveys in a way that captures the feedback, while minimizing the time our clients have to spend to complete them.

●       Centralized data capture – Every level of our PM team regularly operationalizes the processes in which we track results, and gather feedback and touchpoints. Technology data points are shared with both our R&D and Technical Operations teams throughout ongoing platform builds via an iterative, agile process.

Bringing OpEx Principles to eClinical

We believe strongly in the principles of Operational Excellence (OpEx) for clinical trials, as we continue striving to innovate our technology and the way we deliver services.

A unique process created with Cenduit’s OpEx Governance Board allows us to quickly identify and act in real time to address any technology challenges or perceived issues that could affect a patient on any study, anywhere across one of our live projects. [Read our VP of Operations Jinu Jose’s informative blog on OpEx]

Our goal is to go above and beyond to delight our customers. We earn client loyalty and retention throughout study programs in large part because our PMs develop deep client relationships focused on achieving client delight, by serving as proactive problem solvers and consultants. 

Cenduit’s determination to maintain our “people culture” helps us attract the kind of people who live and breathe our clients’ studies. We set objectives at the individual and study level so that everyone understands what we need to be working toward. At the core, having a knowledgeable service team that partners hand-in-hand with our sponsor and CRO clients’ teams is key.

A Trusted Partner for a Changing Regulatory Environment

We're seeing continued regulatory guidelines aimed at moving sponsors and technology companies to modernize clinical studies. Cenduit’s differentiated approach to client centricity matters amid this changing regulatory environment.

No doubt, we’re in a very challenging industry, where regulatory proceedings across a global, geo-political environment will only continue to increase over the next 5-10 years. Protocols are becoming more complicated, and it’s becoming more difficult to do clinical studies. But our sponsors don’t need to be IRT experts to deliver a successful study.  

It’s All About the Patients

The Cenduit culture is focused on our clients, but ultimately we’re also focused on every patient in the study. It’s about getting the right drug to the right patient at the right time, every time. Everything we do in support of studies – monitoring, risk management, our tools for PMs – is to follow those three steps to be sure the patient is safe, and improving quality of life. It’s why we get up in the morning and work the late nights.

Every day, I am fortunate to closely observe service delivery excellence first-hand. Moreover, I get to see the positive impact that a world-class, leading technology organization can have on delivering patient outcomes.  Our people work hard, and get a buzz from delivering that “special sauce” that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations for quality, innovation and expertise. Whether a Top 10 or an emerging biopharma, we’re helping them make a difference in someone’s life, behind the wheel of their clinical study.

Contact us so we can start the discussion about how our team can support your organization’s mission to improve healthcare through IRT and our integrated eClinical solutions platform.

Posted by Kevin Landells, Vice President of Project Management

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