Worldwide Reach

Worldwide Reach

Cenduit IRT—global in scope, local in delivery

With Offices in the US, UK, Switzerland, India, China and Japan, Cenduit has global clinical trial experience in more than 100 countries, interacting with more than 800,000 patients at more than 32,000 investigator sites.

The benefits of a global IRT provider

Cenduit brings all the benefits of being a global IRT provider to our clients in several specific ways: 

  • Local IRT specialist—Cenduit offers local IRT specialists that understand local regulations and clinic customs. Specialists that speak your language and understand the specific intricacies of every site in your network.
  • Local language Help Desk with Live Chat—What may sound like a nice feature becomes critical when you have a patient in your office and you have an urgent question that could delay randomization or dosing. With Cenduit, nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Hundreds of studies in countless languages—The Cenduit IRT system has been translated into numerous languages, ensuring trial critical information doesn’t slip through the cracks.