Trial Supply Management

Trial Supply Management

Your clinical drug supply chain is much more than logistics. With Cenduit’s IRT (IVRS/IWRS) system as your partner, trial supply management can become a strategic asset. Ensure every patient gets study medications at every visit and that no site or depot has a stock-out issue. Balance that demand with the need to minimize overage that leads to costly wastage of drug. At the same time, minimize supply shipments. Our IRT project managers understand the global supply chain inside and out. They provide the guidance you need and can build in sophisticated, automated IRT functionalities that improve efficiency – so your supply chain can make, not break, your study.

On time, every time

At Cenduit, we know where every unit of study drug is at any moment. We make sure every patient has the right medication, every visit, even with difficult supply issues. It’s expertise that’s rolled out on a global scale, and fully integrated with countless third party systems and internal clinical supply software. 

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Comprehensive solution

Cenduit helps you set-up and optimize your entire clinical supply chain, from packaging and release through returns and destruction. We handle creation of kit lists for packaging and labeling, and manage ancillary items and lab kits. Our intelligent systems provide automated support for even the most complex depot and site resupply algorithms and easily handle vital factors such as expiry date management, on-demand supply needs, temperature excursion management and similar demands.

Proactive forecasting

Get rid of guesswork. Automating your supply chain combined with real-time tracking enables accurate forecasting so you can make sure that every patient gets the study medication they need while minimizing waste. We can even optimize your supply chain within your IRT system — from shipment to returns and destruction—to help you predict and plan ahead.

Complete Integration

Cenduit IntegralSM is a powerful platform that supports complex integrations with a wide array of drug supply, eClinical and other systems. These integrations streamline data flow from packaging all the way through to destruction, which eliminates duplicate processes, reduces staff workload, improves overall quality and yields full traceability of all study medications and trial supplies. And you have all these data elements pulled together and at your fingertips in real time, via your dashboards and reports.

Uninterrupted delivery

Cenduit can not only help you control and monitor the movement of your study medications, but our experts also guide you through national and international regulations that could stall the flow of your supply chain. Enjoy efficient, uninterrupted delivery of the right quality and quantity of your drug. Meet deliverables on time and on budget with self-service tools, up-to-the-second traceability of manufacturing batches, and drug supply data that’s always visible.

Temperature Excursion Management

When medication is stored outside of the acceptable temperature range, the site staff must have the tools to identify the event and to report it promptly to protect patient safety and to quickly obtain replacement supplies. Cenuit’s IRT system has many advanced features to fully support temperature excursion management.

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Expiry Date Management

Cenduit’s IRT platform has strong controls to make sure that no patient ever receives medications that will expire before use. These controls include forecasting capabilities that can anticipate how long it will take for study medication to move from manufacturing or central depot to the time it will be used by a patient. Our forecasting and reporting system provides alerts well before an expiry event is anticipated so you can plan ahead.

Advanced capabilities

Some supply issues are difficult or simply require extra management steps. Just-in-time delivery, dose titration studies, expiry date management, re-labeling, temperature excursion monitoring, and medication pooling over several protocols. These complexities need an IRT solution with easy-to-use dashboards and reports. With Cenduit, simplicity is a reality.