Welcome to Cenduit's Quickcast series - mini podcasts in small, informative bites. With Cenduit Quickcasts, you can get helpful insights about clinical trials in just a few short minutes.

quickcasts-1Improving Patient Compliance

Mark Taggart, Cenduit’s Head of Patient Reminders, discusses the challenges of patient compliance and how incorporating a patient reminder program at the start of your study can improve compliance and retention.

quickcasts-1Reducing the Cost of Recruitment & Retention

Mark Taggart, Cenduit’s Head of Patient Reminders, discusses the costs of patient recruitment and retention and how inexpensive it is to incorporate a patient reminder program in relation to recruiting new patients.

quickcasts-1Quality Assurance from the IRT Specialist's Perspective

Jim Graffam, Cenduit’s VP of Quality Assurance, provides insights into the world of auditing and how to use technology to streamline the auditing process and improve the auditor experience.

quickcasts-1 Live from DIA 2014

Jesse Jones and Nicole McPherson in Quality Assurance and Sales talk about their experience at the Drug Information Association (DIA) 2014 meeting in San Diego.  From shoe fashion advice to tips on how to win contests at neighboring booths, this quickcast is packed full of fun trade show tidbits.

quickcasts-13 Worst Case Clinical Trial Scenarios

Andrew Rohrbaugh, Associate Director of Project Management, describes three "worst case" scenarios he has encountered during his 6 years as an IRT specialist and how we were able to help sponsors avoid potential clinical trial disasters through a proactive approach to IRT project management.

quickcasts-1User Experience and the New IRT User Interface (UI)

A panel of experts behind the design of Cenduit's new IRT user interface (UI) talk about the important role user experience played in designing the interface.  The panel includes Chris Dailey, Cenduit's Global Head of Technology, as well as two special guests from the design and development firm that helped us bring the new UI to life: Dante Passera, Director of User Experience and Lucas Brauer, UX Project Lead at Smashing Boxes.