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As an IRT (IVRS/IWRS) specialist, Cenduit has extensive experience with all types of patient randomization techniques - from simple static randomization to complex procedures such as covariate adaptive or responsive adaptive.


  • Stratification
  • Dynamic by site and/or country
  • Cohorts
  • Capping (site, country, and global levels)
  • Pre-allocated ratio, block size, and number of treatment arms
  • Unequal block sizes within the same regimen

Covariate Adaptive

  • Utilizes Pocock and Simon minimization method
  • Ensures balance of treatment arms

Responsive Adaptive

  • Treatment assignments depend on previous patient responses
  • “Play the Winner”
  • Removes inferior treatment arms mid-trial if needed

The Cenduit Data Control group is comprised of IRT-minded biostatisticians. Their primary role is to ensure the statistical requirements of the clinical protocol and study statistician are being achieved accurately in the IRT system design and build, and are maintained through the duration of your clinical trial.

For every study, the group sets up automated data monitoring checks that run daily against the live study database. The team regularly reviews the output to identify any concerns or deviations from the required statistical output needed from the study.