IRT Solutions

Configurable IRT Solutions

As the industry’s leading IRT (IVRS/IWRS) specialist, Cenduit offers a unique blend of expertise, powerful technology and customer focus that ensure your trial will be a success. 

Our comprehensive interactive response technology solution set is built on a platform that has been refined over years and extensive real-world trial experience. The result is a flexible, robust system with lightning fast set-up times and a highly configurable nature that’s perfect for any trial. And it’s all supported by a team of experts that make the IRT process so easy, you’ll be looking forward to your next study.

Patient Management


Cenduit delivers a vast range of randomization methodologies on a leading IRT platform to ensure balance and other statistical endpoints. Cenduit’s team of biostatisticians have created built-in, proactive monitoring that ensures balance and overall success for almost any method, from static, to covariate adaptive, to response adaptive and more.

Patient Engagement

Integrating a patient engagement tool like Patient Reminders into your IRT system just makes sense. When you consider the cost of recruitment and lost-to-follow-up patients, Patient Reminders becomes less of a nice-to-have, and more of a critical component to your IRT.

Drug Management

Trial Supply Management

Cenduit’s Trial Supply Management ensures that every patient has the right medication, every visit, while simultaneously minimizing wastage and maximizing supply chain efficiency. Our supply chain specialists use advanced tools and methods that show where every unit of study drug is at any moment, while easy-to-navigate dashboards and reports put the control in your hands.

Drug Accountability

Paper records are a thing of the past. Fully compliant, audit ready and integrated with the IRT supply chain data, Cenduit’s Drug Accountability and Returns Management solution tracks every unit of study medication through its entire lifecycle for full regulatory compliance.

Reporting & Forecasting

Cenduit offers a robust suite of dashboards and reports to help you continually monitor the health of your study. These reports enable industry-leading forecasting that shows future supply chain needs from the country, depot or site level, including critical events like time to stock-out and lot expiry.

Reporting and Forecasting


Cenduit IntegralSM, a vital part of the Cenduit IRT platform, was designed for easy integrations. From bi-directional real-time data exchanges with third-party EDC, CTMS, ePRO and other eClinical systems to full integration with sponsor clinical supply systems, we can integrate the Cenduit system to simplify and streamline sponsor and site workflow.

Professional Services

The Cenduit Professional Services division promotes collaboration across all domains of IRT expertise with one sole focus—customer service. Have a particularly complex trial, or require unique, ad hoc reporting? Professional Services can marshal the expertise to solve any challenge.