With the Cenduit IRT platform, no study is too complex. Capable of handling even the most challenging patient randomization techniques, our fully configurable IRT platform combined with Cenduit’s IRT-minded biostatistician experts keep your trial on the path to success. From simple static to covariate adaptive or responsive adaptive methods, we can help tailor your study and program goals based on our in-depth knowledge of regulatory guidelines, methodologies, and study design strategies.

Your team of expert consultants

Team of expertsOur biostatisticians do more than deliver randomization methods on our leading IRT system. The Cenduit Data Control Group is with you every step of the way proactively monitoring treatment group balance and treatment dispensing to ensure compliance throughout the study. As part of your team, they can detect any issues and, if needed, recommend corrective measures. And when your trials require sophisticated randomization methodologies, the Data Control Group provides invaluable support, such as generating simulation data sets that demonstrate the performance and validity of the schema before go-live. 

Vast range of methods

The Cenduit Randomization solution covers a whole range of randomization methods. And we can ensure balance at any level (by region, treatment center, and more) to meet your trial’s specific randomization needs. Methods include:


  • Stratification
  • Dynamic randomization by site and/or country
  • Cohort management
  • Capping (site, country, and global levels)
  • Pre-allocated ratio, Block size, and number of treatment arms
  • Unequal block sizes within the same regimen

Covariate Adaptive

  • Popcock and Simon minimization method
  • Minimization of imbalance—numerous techniques
  • Ensures balance of treatment arms

Response Adaptive

  • Treatment assignments depend on previous patient responses
  • “Play the Winner”
  • Ability to remove inferior treatment arms mid-trial