IRT Expertise

IRT Expertise

Cenduit is the leading IRT specialist in the world. Our intense focus is in providing our clients with complete control over their Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) processes on every project. We have the specialized systems, software and staff to ensure that your supply chain is fully optimized to ensure that every patient receives the right treatment, on time, every time while any wastage is minimized. And because RTSM delivered on IRT is our passion, we have created a suite of tools that drive the highest levels of sponsor control, site efficiency and patient compliance.

Why go with an IRT specialist?

Randomization and Trial Supply Management are critical processes, and a lot is riding on this aspect of your study. One mistake, one expired study drug allocated to a patient, one instance of randomization becoming unbalanced, and your study could collapse. You need a vendor that is laser focused on IRT (IVRS/IWRS). One that not only understands interactive response technology, but lives, sleeps and breathes it. 

Why Cenduit?

Only Cenduit has the combination of technology, subject matter expertise and commitment to customer service to make every trial a success. It’s deep clinical and supply chain knowledge that fuels our IRT platform, drives innovation, and allows us to see things others don’t.

How Cenduit Sees Things Others Don’t

  • Every study is assigned a Project Team that is led by skilled project managers who provide you the consultative expertise needed to design the IRT system your study requires. This team, inclusive of biostatisticial, supply chain management, and reporting are especially suited to guide you from specification to study closeout and every step along the way. This includes everything from upfront advisory services on drug supply strategy prior to Go-Live to ongoing customizations of your IRT while also helping you innovate to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Systems, tools, and reports with built-in intelligence enable us to be proactive rather than reactive. Cenduit IRT technologies like automated monitoring checks help us anticipate trial delays, recruitment setbacks, drug recalls, and other challenges. We even prepare an IRT action plan before the situation arises. It’s also what allows us to be flexible and quickly adjust to changing study events, simple or complex.
  • Our combination of superior technology and deep expertise results in faster than industry standard start up times and a quality track record that is unbeatable.  We have not missed a study Go-Live date in the past four years, and our UAT is close to flawless with on average less than 0.5 preventable errors reported.