Expert clinical trial integration allows unparalleled insight. It streamlines processes. It combines data from disparate sources to generate powerful reports and analytics. It makes future trials more efficient, potentially shaving millions off your clinical expenses. Cenduit brings together the entire eClinical landscape with Cenduit IntegralSM, a cloud-based integration platform that works with third-party systems of all types — EDC, CTMS, eCOA, supply chain management, and more.

Cenduit Integral

Cloud-based integration technology

Cenduit Integral is a secure, cloud-based platform that has been fine-tuned over hundreds of clinical studies to rapidly integrate data from a wide variety of disparate systems. Cenduit Integral is vendor agnostic and can extract, transform and load data from any eClinical system.

Firsthand experience

With the average clinical trial using between five and seven systems to gather and analyze data, Cenduit Integral combines our leading technology and technical expertise to simplify the entire user experience. From one-way communication between systems in a specific file format to bi-directional data exchanges to converging systems with single sign on, we have years of hands-on experience integrating our IRT system into legacy systems. For clients, on average, we seamlessly execute three system integrations for every study.

Innovative integration

As a specialist, we‘re prepared for any challenge. Want to integrate your ePRO system with IRT, where patient diary usage determines eligibility for the study? Consider it done. Our technology specialists can handle almost any challenge.

eClinical integration

On the clinical side, whether it’s pushing information to centralized data centers for precision forecasting and site payments, or integrating with lab resources to receive clinical data that affects patient randomization, Cenduit has the technical experience and expertise to link systems and people and generate ROI.