Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Innovation is not an accident. It’s built into everything we do.

Cenduit is proof that combining the right people with the right process leads to amazing innovations. It starts with a cross functional team of experts—SMEs in technology, biostatistics, regulatory, packaging, supply chain management and more—cut loose to creatively and proactively look at every-day problems and challenges from all sides. Then, adding the voice of the customer, analyzing eClinical trends and using smart analytics to pinpoint hotspots within the clinical trial process in general, we ask, “How can we solve this problem better than anyone else?”

Innovation is how Cenduit sees things others don’t.

Blue-sky thinking is nice, but the real magic happens when all this brainpower is harnessed and injected into the Cenduit IRT platform. The results are unlike anything you’ll find from other IRT (IVRS/IWRS)suppliers, and include developments like:

End-to-end, fully integrated drug supply management functionality

Sophisticated drug supply management capabilities are at the heart of Cenduit’s IRT platform, providing complete control of all aspects of drug supply management, from creation of kit and packaging lists to confirmation of drug destruction at the end of the clinical trial.

Cenduit IntegralSM; a cloud-based platform for seamless integration

Cenduit Integral is as close as you’ll get to plug-and-play integration for even the most complex and demanding system connections. From simple ePRO systems to complex legacy supply chain software, Cenduit Integral is designed to make integration simple and keep IRT at the hub of all your clinical activities.

A fully integrated patient engagement solution in Patient Reminders

Patient Reminders uses the latest in cloud and mobile technologies to inform, educate and engage your patients; it leverages your investment in recruitment, improving compliance, retention, data integrity and much more.

A Help Desk with Live Chat (even in Japanese)

Sometimes a problem just can’t wait for a return email. Cenduit’s Live Chat feature helps you solve problems immediately, with a tech that’s trained on your specific protocol.

Forecasting that ensures the overall health of your supply chain

When you combine the clinical analytics of Quintiles with the advanced supply chain management of Fisher Scientific, you get the ability to weigh the impact of multiple variables on drug lifecycles and stocking issues. Our Forecasting module has the intelligence to help you look into the future and can detect potential supply chain issues before they occur. And when working with Fisher Clinical Services, we can go even deeper, offering supply chain simulation and expert optimization.


Ad hoc reporting empowers users to create their own reports

In addition to a wide range of standard reports, Cenduit’s IRT platform gives you the power and flexibility to build your own ad hoc reports to quickly and easily get at the data you need, whenever you need it.

Automated study health checks that ensure study success

After years of IRT experience, we know which areas of a clinical trial can create risk. As a result, we’ve built in innovative automated checks on statistical balance, randomization performance, expiry data, and much more.

Advanced tools for self-service, QP release, temperature excursion management, expiry date management, depot-to-depot transfers and more

Our self-service tools along with our full range of trial supply functionality give you direct control over important supply chain and inventory factors, putting you in the driver’s seat.