Whether you’re a sponsor or a CRO, we understand your need for an IRT (IVRS/IWRS) that integrates effortlessly with your internal processes and systems. We will collaborate with you to design a customized base IRT system that meets your unique requirements.

We recognize the value of establishing IRT system standards, processes, and methodologies with our clients. The deployment of a client-specific base IRT system decreases study start up time and associated costs and ensures consistent IRT functionality. This leads to a positive user experience at the investigator site level as well as improved data integrity.

The success of your clinical trial is our top priority. You will be assigned an IRT champion with an intimate knowledge of your particular needs who can advise you on best practice solutions.

The Cenduit Approach

  • Assign an IRT Relationship Manager who will be accompanied by a senior design group responsible for designing, implementing, and deploying your personalized IRT system
  • Identify key thought leaders who will provide input on your specific functional needs
  • Establish governance and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Design, build, and deploy your personalized IRT system
  • Ensure Cenduit project management and operations teams are trained in the unique system standards and agreed processes of your personalized IRT
  • Empower Cenduit project managers to act as consultants and advocates, ensuring each system is designed as required by the protocol and to the base IRT system’s design