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Cycle-of-Returns-and-Destruction95% of clinical trial sites still use paper-based drug accountability logs, which can be a time-consuming process for large clinical trials with large numbers of enrolled patients. With Cenduit’s web-based drug accountability, you have complete visibility of the study drug throughout the lifecycle of the clinical trial, from packaging to destruction.

Drug accountability is crucial for monitoring patient compliance and ensuring clinical trial data integrity. Cenduit has extensive experience implementing drug return, reconciliation, and accountability into the IRT system’s functionality. IRT (IVRS/IWRS) is the ideal tool for this purpose as it already tracks each medication dispensing unit by warehouse, depot, and site location, as well as by batch, bulk lot, packaging step, label group, and patient allocation.

Examples of drug accountability tools that we can build into your customized IRT system:

Drug Accountability ToolDescription
Site user compliance reporting for each dispensing event
  • Records the amount of unused drug left in the dispensing unit
  • Calculates and trends a patient’s compliance by visit and throughout the course of the clinical trial
Reconciliation reports
  • Records materials that “should” be on site and ready for returns/destruction prior to the monitor’s site visit
  • Records accountability and returns directly on the report with proper formatting
Post returns and destruction accountability
  • Closes the loop in the IRT system from the material’s creation and receipt through to the destruction following return